Hello everyone. Bob Aldons from Car Business here with another opinion on the state of the auto industry in our fair country. My missive today is about a chap named John Cadogan. Below are some take-outs from a recent email received from his website, autoexpert.com.au

I’m not sure what drives John but have a read of his comments. (I’ve fixed some of his  typo’s just to make reading easier).

If you are thinking about buying a Ford or a Holden, a VolkswagenAudi or Skoda, a ChryslerJeepDodgeFiat or Alfa Romeo … think again.

Ford and Holden are terrible at customer service, and have a great many lemons in the market right now, plus a track record of letting customers down, badly. Plus, the local factories are soon to close, the brands are declining in popularity, and that adds up to less future relevance and poor resale prospects. Holden is sourcing many products from one of the worst car factories in the world – the former Daewoo factory now called GM Korea to get some of the stench off it.

The Volkswagen Group (VolkswagenAudi, and Skoda, basically) has always had poor reliability and worse customer service – especially since the GFC. Add to that the terrible emissions cheating scandal, and the risk factors are completely unacceptable.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles – ChryslerJeepDodgeFiat and Alfa Romeo – is, according to the ACCC, the most complained-about car company in Australia (as a proportion of vehicles sold). Massive series of customer service failures, plus poor reliability, a major multi-million-dollar corporate malfeasance case before the courts and sales in the sewer. Doesn’t sound like a solid prospect to me.

Honda and Nissan – both really are asleep at the wheel. They’ve been overtaken by Mazda and Toyota.

The small players – Citroen, Volvo, Peugeot, MINI, Infiniti, Proton, Smart, Ssangyong, LDV, Haval, Chery, Great Wall: Some of these are either way to new, and/or too poor in quality to be worthy of your attention. Resale value is intensely questionable. And the established names – Citroen, Volvo, Peugeot and MINI – just don’t sell in sufficient volumes. That means inadequate competition among dealers, poor local support, low parts inventories and low levels of demand when it comes time to sell or trade. And Infiniti might be what Lexus is, one day … but not in the foreseeable future.

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If you did take them to heart, your shopping list for your next new car would be Mazda, Toyota, and Hyundai. So what are the everyday Mum and Dad buyers to think of all this? He’s blacklisted 24 of the 55 brands available on the market in Australia in this email.

“Save Thousands On Your Next New Car of Your Choice

And I know, from previous emails, he doesn’t like Mercedes. So it’s probably down to 3 or 4  brands – Mazda, Toyota, Hyundai or Kia. So let’s think about these options. And typically, to profile these buyer types, you’ll be buying a Japanese or Korean car, you’ll be bald or heading that way, over 50 and angry.

Get a life John. I enjoy driving my Volkswagen Amarok; my wife loves her Mitsubishi ASX and on weekends, I quite like the pleasure of taking my Alfa Romeo 4C or Alfa Spyder out for a run. Oh, and I have a couple of motorbikes too. So in your opinion, I’m a dickhead?

Thankfully, we’re not all like you John. We have a penchant for a variety of cars, whether they’re good bad or somewhere in between. I know BMW owners who hate their car but love their dealer. Same goes for Audi owners, Lexus owners, and even Jeep owners. God help Jeep owners because no one else will. They hate getting their vehicle wet, muddy, dirty and dented, but funny enough there isn’t much of an alternative to a good old Wrangler. God Bless America.

And Volkswagen?  You and the rest of the so-called media experts will ultimately be partway responsible for the demise of the brand. So they did a sneaky one and tried to cheat the Californian EPA. And no doubt the same body will justify the belching polluting Ford, Dodge and GM utes won’t they? Of course – if it’s made in America then it’s ok. But try to bring in an economical diesel and you’ll be smashed.

I don’t disagree with the sentiment on the way that VW went about it. Dishonesty isn’t the right thing in any business, let alone the auto industry. Perhaps the mind-numbing attention to this alleviates the real danger with things like faulty airbags – no word of running Takata, and all the manufacturers who used their bombs out of the USA is there? Autoguide.com’s Chris Cole suggested that Volkswagen buys back all the 700,000 cars affected – yea as if that’s going to happen.

And I know that John has opinions on a lot of things, and that’s fine. But let there be more than four brands in Australia that every day people can buy – PLEASE.

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79 thoughts on “WHAT DRIVES JOHN CADOGAN?”

  1. What a sad apologist you prove to be.
    John C speaks plainly & very frequently in his presentation states “In my opinion”, admittedly this is perhaps driven by a desire to avoid a court action.
    VW is a classic example of corporate poor behaviour. Yes they cheated & yes the Australian internet is full of very sad stories of VW’s abject failures to remedy defects. For this you may choose to forgive but then remember that only in the US are they being forced to genuinely make amends which will cost billions. In Australia – “FO customer”
    Look you appear to know about cars & the car industry, so I assume you can make your own purchase decisions. Go drive your Alpha R, your wife I am pleased to hear enjoys the Amorak.
    No problem, however for ordinary folk John presents an alternative view, & no-one has to accept it. like it or even watch his videos.
    For my part I find them entertaining, fairly accurate & open to challenge which I note no car company has dared to do.

    1. I totally agree,

      Some of the videos i think he goes a bit far such as the fishnet stockings lol. However to me all of these bozo car manufacturers are fair game if they are going to treat customers like crap.

      I don’t entirely agree with him about Subaru though as the 2016-2017 Subaru Liberty 3.6R is a pile of dog poo and i got rid of mine as soon as possible.

    2. Spot on Peter O, I can’t fathom what this authour’s issue is really. Cadogen can be crude and enjoy a pretty girl but 99% of guys do also. He’s smart and helps people who can’t help themselves. This authour should check himself out in the mirror and clam the F*** down. He’s quite obviously a selfish little pr*** – he’s has his Eurotrash cars (obvious why he doesn’t like John then) but those of us who don’t know which cars to buy for reliability, well, he’d happily see us without help from someone like John. As John says every now and then, the mainstream motoring press (the free junket luvvas!) like this authour, are paid apologists for the BIG$$$ advertisers. For this tool to attach John in an unprovoked fashion, well, it is pretty obvious where his loyalties lie and it isn’t with the poor hapless consumer that’s for sure. I’ve just noticed the authour’s name is shown as “angie”. That may explain some things. A feminazi motor reporter who hates the idea of pretty MingMoles, just what we need LOL!

    3. His last comment on Volvo was a load of rubbish. Sales going UP steadily (Until this year but whose is). Servicing is difficult. Wrong. My mechanic (Not a Volvo specialist or even European specialist) doesn’t seem to have any problem. Unreliable: I have had 3 Volvos. Total warranty repairs; 1 radiator cap. His reference to Korean brands is rubbish. I have rented one for a couple of weeks and driven one over a 1,000 Km interstate. Verdict. Gutless and thirsty. My S60 Volvo has a range in the country of about 1,100 Km on a 67 litre tank. Brilliant on a poor road in country Victoria at night. My wife was driving dodging all sorts of wildlife. “How would you like to be driving our Corolla” I asked. “No way” was the reply. The head up display on the Volvo is the only one I know of that is on the windscreen and optically outside the car requiring less focus adjustment. His bias is startin to show

      1. Idiot you say? No backing-up of your claim? No referencing as to why he is an idiot? Or is that he is actually probably a little more experience and qualified to be making comment on the auto industry than you, and he has made a very successful career out of it…..and you haven’t! Maybe thats the reason for your baseless comment. Well done champ. 👌

        1. Gus
          From a technical viewpoint, he’s as smart a cookie as I’ve ever seen. His sometimes idiotic presentation style is what grieves me the most. I’ve been in the front line of the motor industry for 43 years, so I’ve seen a lot more than most.
          Success is rated by experience and the way that you’ve treated customers. I haven’t alienated many in my time. I retired from dealership interests in 2015 and still continue to assist my former customers, their friends and relatives purchase new and used cars.
          Am I successful? That’s hard to define but I am rich with the experience I’ve gained over those 43 years.

  2. John C is right on one thing at least as far as I’m concerned. VW is and has always been unreliable and overpriced garbage! The number of Golfs you see on the road in Sydney proves the sheep mentality this city has become. Usually driven by would be’s that have no idea about cars.

    1. I think he’s great, he tells it exactly the way it is. No car salesman or executive should be ever trusted to do the right thing by their customers or the ACCC for that matter

  3. John’s an intelligent person, and I guess he’s an intelligent person that had enough of it, that is, stupid people with opinions, low quality products (cars) advertised as great deals, lies everywhere, and so on, so on. I like this guy. Yeah, ok, his sexually related jokes are a bit too far and not quite necessary, but leaving that aside, he’s right. Personally, I hate when the dealer starts with the 8 inch display on the dashboard instead of telling me what in the world is that car made of – I’m not buying a freakin’ tablet, I’m don’t give a s… if that car is capable or not of providing me with an internet connection – I’d like to know something about the engine, for instance. And I also don’t give (another) s… if it’s pumping out 200 bhp at… 6500 rpm – simply because I won’t rev that much: in normal use a car doesn’t need more than, say, around 40 ponies.

    1. Totally agree! One video of his I saw today showed a video intro of some just out of teen aged young women in bikinis…his grand children would be that age. Yuck. He pays no regard to female viewers. I wish he’d drop all that crap.

      1. John is trying to make his videos like a men’s magazine, I don,t remember Modern Motor or wheels having girls in them? I always skip those girlie videos any way. He save me about $3000 on my new S.U.V so I am very happy with that, I agree with most things that he says, But not everything. I take him with a grain of salt. I am 60 years old an live in N.S.W Australia.

        1. Perhaps John should attend the march for justice today and then reflect on whether his sexism and language is appropriate

          1. I see his comments as a satire on an industry that shamelessly uses sex to sell its products. Go to a new car dealer & you will find out that “Ming Molls” are a real thing.

        2. Gday Glenn, Rob from Mt Eliza (Vic) here. Reading through these notes – did you have any grief getting John C to purchase your new SUV? I’m buying one soon, just wonder whether it’s all plain sailing. Cheers thx Rob Anderson

          1. Rob
            When you’re ready to purchase, give me a call on 0418 748 498. I guarantee that I can beat any prices JC gets. He uses a fleet company called Georgie to do his buying. I’ve never lost a deal to them and can generally save you a lot.
            I do a lot of business in NSW and VIC
            Car Business

      2. Nothing wrong with showing girls in bikinis, unless of course he lives in one of the stricter Muslim countries (hint: he doesn’t).

        If its uncomfortable for you then don’t watch it. Certainly his style wouldn’t be for everyone, but its hardly creepy.

      3. I agree. He has some valid points on many cars and car related topics and these are worthy to be shared with both the female and male population.
        However, his oft unnecessary vulgar and masoginistic style of presentation precludes me from being able to share his insightful and informative videos with my wife (if I’m offended and cringing at what makes up the the rest of his presentations she sure as heck will be).

  4. To Bob, well said l totally agree. But l have to say that John Cadogan is such a tool… Does he think he lays Golden Eggs when he craps? Nothing against Asians but he must have an Asian wife and was bullied by one of his fellow Aussie classmates and ripped off by an American.. What a goose… Oh well he is obviously laughing all the way to the bank.

    1. well well well . followed his utube, posted good comments. Listened to his waffling and some good bits with some very crass bullshit. Wanted a new care emailed, signed up. O not a word no reply O at all. Iwaited and waited. Then a malicious reply, told to f off, nice. The thing is a small man syndrome, thinks is far more than is capable of and a rude asshole. He says on his site he is not that scary. All narcissists are real tough guys. In real life I am that scary, fact, I choose a better way than lowering myself to that ignorance. Buy the car yourself, there is a dodgy ness about him and the site. Just saying, personal opinion, I’d suggest, as he would say. Best to put his shiny voice aside n ugly mug and take some tid bits n utilize them as info to apply, ignore where they came form, meaning let him do the work n we benefit. That is the way to handle this type of socioplath.

  5. Hi I think John is correct on most reviews,just go on Product Review and down load your vehicle of choice and see problems with cars and utes, and as far as Holden Colorado you could not give me one the way I was treated by Dealer and Holden, Thank God we have Consumer Rights

  6. JC does not hate all Mercs only the cheap versions designed to trap the poor folk who cannot afford the expensive ones. Having worked in the car industry I can say without fear of contradiction, following the advice of JC could save you thousands. Those people with plenty to spend and waste have no need of any advice from JC or anyone. JC often sounds like an angry young man but no doubt his experience in the industry gives him cause. You dont have to take his advice, just accept that your dealer is your best friend and all those extras he recommends are to benefit you not him. And of course he wouldnt sell you a dud.

  7. Hi John,
    You cannot please everyone and the car industry is a mine field of people doing the wrong thing. It is hard for us consumers to TRUST them I should know first hand after I purchased a BRAND NEW Holden back in 2007 and the Dealer/Maker relinquished all responsibility to replace my HOLDEN when it was driving to the left constantly after only 13 months of purchase, It was 9 months of stress in 2008 and never wish it on anyone. I was told the reason the for my car driving to the left is because I live near round abouts ***** HONEST TRUTH**** it is even written on a mechanical report. They take us as idiots, I wish you were around then because I would have had some strong advice from you. I was exhausted and let go.

    I am so glad you are here NOW and God bless you for all the effort you take.I will certainly contact you shortly to help with a new car purchase.



  8. For all his obvious faults and corny jokes he is a beacon for saying it like it like it is,and he knows what he is talking about….
    I am a 45 year veteran mechanic and I can vouch that he is almost always spot on with his comments, VW have horrible autos, even if your’e under warranty you have to live with the car being in the workshop, and you driving something that you didn’t buy…
    My leased VW was there for over a month being repaired,….. twice in 10 months, make sure you get rid of it before it runs out of warranty…..
    Don’t even talk about Mercedes, Beemers ,Audis etc and most of the cars he shitcans, He is right… they are crap,,…get shot of them before the warranty runs out……unless you have three or four cars that you can use ,and all under warranty … stick to Jap and Korean cars………..

    1. Response to Peter O
      Peter, I have been in the automotive business for a long time – too long probably, but certainly longer than John C. For your information, I do enjoy his video’s and his comments. He’s obviously an intelligent and well educated person. My only comment is that with his wealth and depth of knowledge, he doesn’t need to be as rude as he is. And yes, I get that a lot of words are used in general conversation, but it’s the sort of language that you’d use in a pub surrounded by your mates. I know that I do at times.
      My thoughts are that he doesn’t need to trash talk – the information and his comments are enough

      1. 2 words:- Gordon Ramsay…

        He’s just a little successful too?
        But, not for everyone- and that’s OK.
        ‘I’m sure you’d agreeeee?’

        Both of them are insightful, intelligent, basically kind people trying to help others – and don’t give a flying f__k what their detractors think.
        They both have the smarts, industry experience and confidence to stand behind their advice…

        And, they’re unapologetically who they are…


    2. Bram. I was a VW dealer for 8 years and never had the issues he outlines, PROVIDED that owners serviced their vehicle on time every time. Nonetheless, others have had issues that weren’t handled by their dealer or VW well enough. I watch his videos too – if he dropped the swearing and crude comments, he’d increase his audience

  9. My wife owned a Volkswagen Golf for 15 years without trouble? I owned a very old BMW 5 series for 8 years towards the end of its life 290,000km’s things needed replacement. But overall a fine vehicle.
    CVT’s Does John tell the public the Patent was bought from Dutch Company DAF what was essentially designed for a motor scooter, because gearboxes are expensive and Japan is losing profit. Why don’t they fit CVT’s to diesels or high output engines? Why won’t Mazda, Hyundai & Kia not fit them?
    His view is a very narrow one. Who is paying him to write the columns?
    Just because a vehicle doesn’t fit into his narrow broad spectrum doesn’t make them rubbish.
    Service anything and enjoy any vehicle for years.
    The millions of cars sold in Europe can’t all be as bad as his claim.

  10. Most of the Asian cars are definitely reliable and good value for money. Some of the luxury brands do deliver good quality and have a premium appearance. There are ‘good’ and ‘bad’ cars in almost all the brands. Buying a car really comes down to personal choice. Nevertheless, some of the models appeared to be overpriced just for badge value. John is too straight forward in saying a few things, which some people may not like. However, I don’t understand the reason why he is ‘hooked’ to Asian brands so deeply! May be he was not offered ‘anything’ by US or EU brands in lieu of his offer to provide good reviews :D, otherwise why so much hatred for all the makes from same region, and why so much of love to others from a different geography. Just trying to see if there is any personal angle to it.

    1. Hello Andrew – couldn’t agree with you more. Well said. European car owners seem to like their brands rather than Korean or Japanese cars. Wonder why that is?

  11. Hi Bob,

    JC is both factually focused and highly entertaining. I have had only terrible experiences dealing with VW Australia Head Office with respect to failed engine pistons in my former car (a Golf). Evasive and obstructionist to providing the customer with information. The dealer was far better, but it still had significant issues getting Head Office providing any level of custimer service. The cost in total after all investigations, parts and labour was north of $7,500. VW Aust Head Office kicked in 30% of the parts expense as well, which was required enough to make the repair job borderline worth doing. A 6 yr-old car engine failure is not an acceptable level of performance, and when you add in VW’s arrogance about it’s superiority, I never expected to get this issue to start with, the lion’s share of the bill, nor the f-off treatment from their Head Office.

    It’s the sort of experience that stays with an individual for life.

    So, in my honest opinion, JC is absolutely spot on with his opinion of VW as a company. He’s also honest in giving credit to VW cars in that if you have no problems, you’ll have a great driving experience.

    1. I understand your frustration Mark. As a former VW dealer I had to invest a lot of time looking after customers who I believed had been wronged. In saying that, my experience is that Volkswagen will typically cover issues on cars that are less than 5 years of age and had a good (not necessarily perfect) Volkswagen dealer service history. Outside of this, it must be a known issue. I’m not aware of major engine issues with a 2011 Golf of any sort.
      Again from experience, many VW owners neglect to have their car serviced as per the manufacturer’s specifications, relying on aftermarket service centres to do the right work, which they say they do but rarely do.

      1. No Issues with Golf motors?? They have been losing the cam tension chain since 2010. Thousands of motors with catastrophic failure. How could you not be aware as a dealer? I call BS.

  12. I don’t trust anyone in this industry. He claims to get deals as an autobroker and quite possible funnels them to the brands where he can make the most money.

  13. Having been in the motor trade for over 40 years I think JC tells it like it is some people just don’t like to hear it especially when they have just spent their hard earned money . I have the same problem when people ask me what to buy and I list the problems with what they think they would like to buy, European over priced and overated may be nice to drive, Ok if you have the bank balance to support it and Don,t mind the horrific depreciation.if your passion isn’t driving just transport with a few exceptions go Japanese or Korean. We just need JC to stick to cars and leave other subjects alone so more people may take his advice seriously because behind the facade there is a lot the general public don’t know and wouldn’t believe if you told them.With what I know I struggle myself to choose but I have a passion for cars and driving and know what I in for if I choose with my heart and not my head.I for one will sadly miss a good Aussie engineered vehicle in the new car list like my son said I can’t see us going to a museum in 30 years time to look at Hyundai’s or Kia cars.

  14. JC is providing a great service in a necessary niche. So many online reviews these days are pure regurgitation of manufacturing fluff, where reviewers will pick one minor thing to fault to seem critical. JC is entertaining and yes, not very PC. But someone here compared him with Trump? IMHO, besides the fact that this man clearly has much higher real self-esteem than DT, he clearly is on the left side of the spectrum, he just isn’t political correct, and in some ways is simply poking the eye of just about anything, willing to take on the flack that comes with it. Very funny.

    On a different note, think we are in a terrible era right now of car building, with focus on media units that are still years behind our phones, and build quality going down the tubes. Some driven by fuel economy standards, making powertrains needlessly (or not) complex and prone to all sorts of new ghosts. Always so pleased to get into an older vehicle and feel the directness between the pedal and the powertrain.

  15. I like John’s video’s for telling it like it is. After reading all the car consumer review columns I could find when in my quest for a 4WD on my retirement I can only agree with his comments especially those that count after purchase like dealer/manufacturer support and knowledge. These are especially important for the late life buyer on a once only or last upgrade that does not have the resources to suffer the consequences of getting a lemon.
    I was hooked on a new Jeep Grand Cherokee when it first had the 8 speed ZF box and a 3lt. diesel engine and all the driver comfort accessories you could poke a stick at and that big screen on the dash that made everything else look obsolete.
    I was not in a hurry to spend my one and only super fund car allowance fortunately especially with a manufacturers radical new model and kept abreast of all the reviews and recalls not being put off by some of the minor ones.
    This was when I really became aware of the reality of terms like DPF, catalytic converter, engine fault codes, limp home mode, very high pressure fuel pumps, diesel injectors, all controlled by the engine computer and sensors, and the dealers reluctance to admit anything was faulty, whatever could go wrong!
    Many recalls and horrific owner reports later I decided on a rethink and settled on a second hand well proven and reliable Prado Kakadu of almost the same spec. and cost.
    One has to then equip it for the tracks and camping if like me that is why you wanted a 4WD in the first place, around 10 grand later I am pleased I can still afford kit upgrades as so far I have not been bankrupted or left without a vehicle by a dealer who does not know how to fix a problem.
    This is not to say Toyota do not live up to some of John’s comments for outrageous profiteering, a recently failed proximity sensor cost me well over $600 replacement with the initial dealer diagnosis $170 then ordering the part from Japan with supply and fitting a further $490.
    Good luck John I will keep watching and hoping none of the REALLY expensive bits on my rig fail.

  16. John,
    You start off each talk ok about cars and then get lost in your own sound of your voice. Stick to being you and not some other poor bastard who dwells in your head. As you waffle on too much as most reports could be done in 5-10 mins. Do you pay yourself by the amount of time you are on and have you changed producers?
    Get back to the basics we know what Peter Wherrett did when he had the most popular motor show way before Top Gear you do not need to replicate him…

  17. I am a car enthusiast and over the last 30 years have saved a huge amount of money by finding a good after market ie self employed mechanic and doing what he tell me , especially when it comes to new and second hand cars.

    His views and johns are very similar as I note many of the above mechanics comments are as well. Sadly he is about to retire.

    Just to give you guys a really good laugh, here are the cars we own,arranged in order of silliness

    2014 Kia cerato
    1992 ford laser wagon ( with only 100,000 k’s) work vehicle
    1967 mgb bought 30 years ago when I was told I would see out the year ( cancer) and couldn’t walk a k to work
    1963 Wolseley 24/80 just like my first car rebuilding and uprating in my semi retirement

  18. I’d say if John thinks you are a [email protected]#$%^&d for your car choices, he’s probably right. It seems to me like you are just trying to justify those choices. As for Holden, I made the mistake of buying one of their “4WD” Rodeo utes. What an absolute pig of a car. It cost me a fortune constantly getting their design flaws repaired after only 45,000 km. I lost a lot of money on that piece of crap. I thought having an Isuzu engine it would be better than a typical Holden, but I was wrong. Should have stuck with Toyota, as I now continue to do. I’ve never had any serious issues in twenty years of driving Toyotas.

  19. John C should link this opinion piece to his own website. In one way or another every single public comment plus the piece itself upholds everything he says he stands for.

    Well done everyone involved!

  20. I cannot verify every single comment by John Cadogan, but in many of the points what he says is 100% in line with my personal experience.
    As for VW, Audi and the like, he exactly hits the bull’s eye! They are crap. Especially what concerns the inferior reliability.
    His comments on Mercedes are also well-founded.
    Brilliant guy, this John Cadogan…

  21. Responded to your online add about how you can save people thousands on their next new car,,. I got a call from Lee from auto genie he knew exactly what I wanted to buy 2018 Mazda CX 3 Touring fwd ,auto, petrol in black .He assured me that he was going to get me the best deal around, many many phone calls he tells me that the best price so far was $26,520 . Did not hear back from him as he had told me he was going to call back with a even better deal so I gave him a call, At this stage he tells me that his best new deal price is now $28,700. I asked was the price was higher , he tells me that the earlier price may have been for a manual car,,,,, what a load of crap was what I told him … Very very unprofessional , in fact total crap service , I should have never become involved with this bunch

    1. Hi Joe
      Whilst I appreciate your comments, your opening line would indicate that you engaged my company. You didn’t. If you meant to say that you’d engaged Cadogan’s company, perhaps you should have said that. I don’t sublet any enquiry to outside companies. I do everything myself.
      I’ve had numerous comments about the way that the ‘Auto Expert” does his business and frankly, it’s far from being professional. If a customer suggests that they’re going to shop around, they’re dropped like a hot potato. It seems that Auto Expert doesn’t feel that he has to compete against dealers, other brokers or anyone.
      If you want some professional honest advice on how to purchase a new car, or have a reliable company do that for you, contact Bob Aldons (me) at Car Business – Any New Car Cheaper

  22. Hi All,
    Buying a Motor Vehicle be it New OR Used should be fun and exciting. You can read up on product reviews, Test drive a few, Get your best price and then perhaps either buy when YOU are happy or if you feel it necessary engage a Broker who may save you some extra money. Remember these days everybody is an expert after the fact, You probably here things like ” You Paid to much”, or ” My mate got one cheaper” Well 9 times out of 10 that is simply rubbish. As for buying at the very last minute of the month, Yeah keep sales people back and away from there families “We love that” Well here is the truth, If you are smart enough and treat the Sales person you are dealing with respectfully and speak genuinely, you can get that great deal anytime. He is another thought perhaps these SO CALLED EXPERTS never mention. As a Sales Manager of 25 years, Walk into my dealership early on ANY Saturday morning of the month and I am extremely keen to do a deal to get my weekend started on a positive note and set the tone for the Sales Staff and weekend. Remember buying a New or Used Car should above everything be both enjoyable and rewarding. Always do you due diligence and you will be fine. Happy motoring.

  23. John
    I’ve been in the motor industry for over 40 years, as a salesperson, manager, Dealer Principal and owner of a multi-franchise dealership (7 brands)
    Since selling my dealerships in late 2015, I’ve gone to the dark side (as far as car dealers are concerned) as a new car broker.
    And I agree with you – buying a new car should be an enjoyable experience but sad to say in most cases it’s not. There are dealerships and salespeople who provide outstanding customer service but they’re very few and far between. Dealers and salespeople want to make as much money as they can and will go to any lengths to do so.
    As a broker, I buy new cars at the cheapest possible price. I don’t play favourites – best price always wins.

  24. Cadogan reviews vehicles – and manufacturers – with a focus on reliability….. and that’s not a bad thing for most people who just need a car to get them from A to B without any fuss, for long enough to pay it off or let the lease run its course
    This is why the Camry and Corolla remain popular, despite being pretty mundane offerings
    Reliability statistics are simple, even if a bit vague how they are accumulated and often manipulated prior to publication.
    If Vehicle A has a failure of say 3 in 10 , there are going to be 7/10 cruising around without a drama.
    If Vehicle B has a failure rate of 1 in 10 you could say that Vehicle A has 3 times the failures of vehicle B and is a piece of rubbish
    This is OK too – friends of mine have a Land Rover that has functioned without failure its entire 6-year life – my mate with the v8 Jeep maybe not so lucky … hahahahahahahaha … and we remind him regularly
    If you are the type of person who NEEDS a specific vehicle in your life, this is OK
    If you buy an Alfa Romeo because you NEED one in your life, that’s OK and does not necessarily mean you are a dickhead
    I am a Laverda and Ducati m/c owner, so I understand the condition.
    If you buy one, then bitch and moan when it breaks …. THEN you are a dickhead.
    If you buy a vehicle for status or to develop a personality, THEN you are a dickhead and perhaps the real value of the ‘Status Vehicle’ set is that it keeps dickheads out of real cars
    This is OK – the world needs dickheads to help us humans understand that maybe we’re not so bad after all … hahahahahah

  25. Hi Titus. Power is the most often quoted engine stat and as you mentioned “Who drives at 6500 revs.” Torque is really what matters when it comes to engine performance and unless it’s a small engine that has its neck wrung you will find the top torque is at significantly lower revs. (Say about 3000) Turbos are different. Mine develops maximum torque at all revs between 1500 and 4800 meaning that it runs at maximum torque virtually all the time. Your comment about dealers is right also. Everyone sells extras. I bought an engine, suspension, brakes and accident protection not extras.

  26. John The Bogan is just biased and crude, basically. He praises a few brands and rubbishes just about everything else. We all know people, and I count myself amongst them, who’ve bought brands on his blacklist, and have thoroughly enjoyed them and found them highly reliable. There are many fair-minded car Youtubers who present in a professional and classy way that is still fun. I’ll stick with them. What’s especially off-putting to me is that John The Bogan thinks that uttering phrases in a way that sounds like he’s constipated is in and of itself, amusing somehow..

    1. Harry, you’re spot on with your comments. It’s unfortunate, as Cadogan seems to be a pretty knowledgable person. And I’ve bought vehicles from his blacklist too – and I was a Volkswagen and Jeep dealer for 7 years. So according to him, I just made bad decisions. Thankfully I don’t think I did and most of my customers were happy with the vehicle that they purchased. Now as a new car broker with Car Business, I’m still providing VW’s and Jeeps for my customers and they’re still happy. Go figure.

  27. Bob, if you think that VW and Jeep owners are happy then you are sorely mistaken. I haven’t heard one good story about a VW owner, including myself and Jeep are just crap. My sister has owned 2 and they both were plagued with problems that Jeep could not resolve. She now owns an Audi and is having trouble with it. She is a glutton for punishment.

    1. Shane
      I’m going to disagree with you. I was a Jeep dealer (2003 – 2015) and a Volkswagen Dealer (2008 – 2015) so I can speak with some knowledge.
      As far as I’m concerned, the issue with both brands was and still is the lack of routine servicing. For all those owners who did service on time every time with a Jeep or Volkswagen dealer, the problems per 100 vehicles were quite low.
      The problem is that most of these owners, buy the car and then want to scrimp on service.
      They take the car to an aftermarket garage that just doesn’t have the knowledge about the brand, nor the diagnostic equipment to check it out properly.
      Despite ‘problems’ with the VW brand, they’ve maintained their share of the Australian market. Jeep on the other hand is a different story – poor customer service and relatively untrained technicians stuffed Jeeps brand and reputation. Hopefully, they can come back from that low.

  28. So to clarify matters. The I hate John Cadogan — Fan Club, is upset that he has an opinion.
    Based on 30 years + as a journalist, his engineering degree, driving enumerable cars himself, fixing his
    own vehicles, and constantly staying current on new emerging technologies thru research.
    Why the F #[email protected]^..ck would any-one want to listen to him. Now be a good wanker, and blow your
    hard earned $$ to a dealer — where he only, has your best interest at heart.

    1. Only my best interests? HE always has his best interests at heart and I consider his method of new car broking to be wide of best practice.
      He doesn’t do any of it himself as far as I can see. He uses Georgie, a fleet management company, to price the enquiry for new car. And their methods leave a lot to be desired.
      Yes he is knowledgable but like you, he has a trash mouth and that’s my only beef with him.

  29. I’ve worked in the automotive industry for 30 years. Let me tell you that most of John’s views are spot on.

    The majority of people are fooled by marketing. I worked for a German brand for 20 years and our inside joke was that people would pay double the price for a “German Camry”. But then again, that’s a reflection of the mindest of people here in sh*tsville.

    1. James
      Back at you after nearly 43 years in the business- selling, managing, owning.
      I don’t disagree with the knowledge and opinion John Cadogan has at his disposal. I do have a problem with the way it’s delivered. If Cadogan would leave the gutter talk to the inside of his man cave and the ‘language’ when not on camera, I think he’d be a better human all round

    1. I’m out of touch? Or do you mean JC. Personally, I have no intention to retire any time soon. I’m enjoying this too much

  30. This bloke is the biggest clown i have ever come across, all he is doing is trying to get customers so he can make his cut, if you hurry john you csn catch the circus they need a clown

    1. Pete, Frankly he’s a disappointment as far as communication is concerned, but his knowledge is expansive. If you can avoid the BS, there’s a lot of good information to be had
      But you’re right – he could hurry up and catch the circus

  31. John Cadogan. What is a Cadogan? Is it animal, mineral or vegetable? Cadogan’s opinion is tainted with omissions, personal prejudice, and mistakes. Cadogan is not helping anyone but himself by indirectly pimping his services via his website by claiming to save buyers thousands of dollars on car prices, which is absolute lies. Cadogan is a fraud that should be shipped back to his Cadogan country where liars like him roam free.

    1. Karl
      I think your words are a bit harsh. But I do agree with some aspects. Cadogan is no dill – he’s very knowledgable about most things automotive, but his delivery is a bit on the nose at times
      As to gi snew car brokerage business, unlike me, he pushes that off to a company named Georgi. It seems that their tactic is to make as much as they can profit-wise rather than try to achieve the best price.
      There’s good honest brokers (like my company, Car Business) and others that are not

  32. Been driving an Amarok now for five years (company car) it’s a great vehicle BUT i would never buy one OR take it to a VW dealer for servicing! For one thing they need a cam belt every 80,000kms to the tune of $1800 + including an oil change! Front brakes and an oil change $1300! Now after only 140kms it has failed a front AND rear wheel bearing. Had the front done to the tune of $1100! The rear bearing comes with a shaft $2900 for parts alone plus $500+ to fit! Dealer says they are not allowed to replace the bearing without shaft so i’m taking it elsewhere where it will cost $750 in total. VW not interested in warranty as it’s past 5 years old. A basic service oil and filter change i have not had change out of $500! Other than all that it,s a great car and it drives well, glad i don’t own it!

  33. I contacted his company recently on the promise I could save thousands. They came back to me saying they could actually only save me $200 off a $50,000 car. His market are the timid and overly polite.

    Anyone prepared to have a go at getting themselves a reasonable deal will do better than JC’s company every time. Don’t waste your time

    I got myself a much better deal.

  34. Brian Loudermilch

    The author of this worthless shit conveniently neglects to mention that
    John Cadogan actually has a degree in ENGINEERING.
    I’ll take the Opinion of a real ENGINEER over that of a Corporate HACK
    any day of the week.

    1. Thank goodness Brian Loudmouth that I can approve or disapprove comments. And yes Cadogan is an engineer and worthy of his title. But when it comes to taking care of car buyers, why don’t you utilize his relationship with Georgie – you’ll be spending a lot more and lining Cadogan’s pocket ever moreso deeper
      I’ll approve your comment even though I think that you’re wrong

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