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Where Do Old Cars Go?

Theres 18 million unregistered cars around Australia

According to the Australia Bureau of Statistics, there were 18.4 million registered motor vehicles in Australia as at 31 January 2016. The national vehicle fleet grew by 2.1 per cent between 2015 and 2016. Diesel powered vehicles constitute 20.9 per cent of the national fleet.

So if we assume there’s been a million new cars and trucks sold in Australia every year for the last 20 years, and say 750,000 cars sold per year for the 20 years before that, how many cars are lying around wrecking yards, or have been scrapped? So how many Old Cars?

Do the math – 35 million cars sold over the last 40 years, less 18.4 million cars currently registered on the road currently leaves 16.6 million vehicles lying around – somewhere. And that doesn’t take into account unregistered older cars (I’ve got 2 myself) and just unregistered cars at dealers or in backyards. And an obvious question is where are they? If you google search Car Wreckers, there are literally hundreds of wreckers dotted around Australia. Big ones, small ones, and medium sized wreckers store the older cars in the hope that eventually someone will come looking for that hard to get part. Same applies to motorcycles – during a restoration on a 1975 Ducati 860GT, I was met with “you’re lucky mate – last one” or “Can’t help you mate and good luck trying to find it”. Whilst I didn’t have to go overseas for any of the parts, even trawling the Ducati parts sites left a “Nil Stock” taste in my mouth.
So what’s the point I’m trying to make here? Simply, as the owner of a motor car, whether its new, second hand, an antique or a classic you have a responsibility to take care of it. I’m never surprised at the condition of some cars that are presented to my at Car Business for sale or trade in. I often wonder how car owners allow their daily transport to detiorate into such a poor condition. But thankfully, their poor form leads to increased profit for my business.
Here’s an example. I purchased a 2013 Toyota Corolla Auto sedan from a wholesale company. I paid $11000 for it because it had ‘hail damage all over’. After picking up the car, I had my dent guy go to work on the Toyota and 2 days and $660 later, not a dent could be found. I even asked a couple of industry colleagues to inspect it and not even they could find any evidence of hail dents. I’ll sell the Toyota for around $14000 which is a pretty good pick up for a couple of weeks.
So if you take my advice, look after your car. Give it a make-over before you try to sell it privately or trade it in – look out for my Tip Sheet – 11 Tips on how to present your car for sale. And if you achieve what I think you’ll achieve, send some of the extra money my way will you?

Old Cars and Donald Trump

You said what Donald? Old Cars, Donald Trump – you’re fired

And back to the headline, “What do Donald Trump and Old Cars have in Common. Quite simple really”. If you let a car go to rack and ruin, and you want to spend money to get it right, sometimes there’s no point. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear, can you Donald.

Car Business is a multi-dimensional automotive company that aims to help you to buy your new car for a better price than you can do on your own. Based on the Redcliffe Peninsula about 15 minutes from Brisbane Airport and 30 minutes from the Brisbane CBD, Car Business is located in an area that allows us to pick and choose from Brisbane’s finest new cars for sale.

The ‘go to’ Brisbane car buying agents, Car Business, is so much better than a car broker – first and foremost, Car Business is an experienced Car Buyer’s Advocacy service. Our experienced staff will stand alongside you, and act on your behalf to help you buy your new car at a better price than you can directly through new car dealers.

My goal with Car Business is to provide timely and informative articles on everything to do with cars – used car purchase, new car sales, car service, car finance, car insurance, aftermarket car protection products – everything .
Above anything else, Car Business is a company that provides current automotive advice for car owners who don’t have access to knowledgeable car industry friends. To those of you without someone to talk to, I’m your expert – the car guy.
I’ve been in the car industry since 1978 – covering all aspects that consumers need advice on. I’ve been called a lot of things in my time – The Car Professor, The Car Doctor, and recently the Car Guy, but the bottom line is that I know a lot about this industry. Whenever someone needs some advice – they call me.
In general terms my car advice is free – it’s just something I like to do and my goal is to give back to the community that has treated me so well.
I have access to good quality cars – you can see my current stock by clicking through to Cars Guide. I’m also to search out that particular car that you’re finding difficult to find. I’ve got a great dealer community that I’ve dealt with for many years and these cars don’t even hit the web sites.

Old Cars made saleable again

Car Business will buy your old car

Other areas that I specialise in are fairly wide spread.

www.genuinespares.com.au is an online spare parts business specializing in Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Isuzu Ute and Volkswagen. SO if you’re looking for anything from crash parts, electrical components, wheels, t-shirts or anything else, let me assist you with that search. You can rely on genuine spares to procure parts at better than trade price and certainly better than you can buy in Australia. My prices are reduced by about 30% on what you’d expect to pay here in Australia
Car Business is a local agent for Williams Paint and Interior Protection, AutoGard and CleanGard, SunX window tinting.
Don’t get ripped off by car dealers wanting to make a huge profit – our window tinting prices start from $175 up to $450 for cars that dealers want to charge $750 for.
My finance and insurance franchise, 1800Approved Finance, will help you get finance for your car at rates much lower than a dealer will offer. For a home owner, we’re talking from 4.99%. Your bank won’t even offer you that .
If you’re interested in reading quality information about new car releases, forthcoming models and just about anything else to do with the car business, click over to my blog – https://carbusiness.com.au/wpcbadmn//blog/
You’ll find varied and wide-ranging comment about the car industry and car people. I don’t hold back on my comments – like it or not, my opinions are just that – opinions.
In closing, if you want to connect with me here’s how
Phone: International +61 418 748 498
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In closing, my passion is cars, car buyers, car dealers, but just about anything to do with cars. But you need to do me 1 favour….
Please drive carefully

Warm regards
Bob Aldons

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