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If you have a vehicle or even 2 vehicles in mind that you’re considering, please fill in the details below. You don’t have to fill in both, but undoubtedly, if you provide an outline, our researchers will have a great guide as to what you’re considering. You’ll fill in the basic information like the following:

Brand :   Mazda
Model :   Model CX-5
Series :   Maxx
Engine :   4cyl
Transmission :   Auto
Other :   Any other information you’d like to include like colour, options, accessories

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So, you’re at the next to last step now - You’ve selected up to 2 vehicle for our researchers to go to work on.

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We’ll charge you $64 for up to 4 or 5 comparison reports – and this charge will be deducted from our advocacy fee if you choose us to negotiate the price on your new car.

Car Business will seek quotes from a panel of up to 7 dealers in your area. And it’s our experience that at least one of these dealers will provide a super competitive price for you. How does saving $3000 or more on your new car sound? You can put it to a holiday, a mortgage payment, the kids' school fees and even to reduce your car loan.

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