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Car Loan Calculator

Car Business is the ‘go to’ Brisbane company for everything automotive. Our Car Buyers Agents can help you with your new car purchase and then our car finance brokers will go to work to present a finance and insurance package that will save you even more money. Car Business will take the stress away for finding the right car for you and arranging the important finance and insurance package too.

If you’re considering applying for a car loan to buy your new car, you can find out how much you should end up paying by using our simple car loan calculator.

Please enter your details below to calculate how much your car loan might cost, or call our Brisbane office and talk to one of our car finance experts. We’re happy to provide free advice on your new car without any obligation.

**The car loan calculators provided on this page are to assist you in working out your options when it comes to car finance. Please don’t rely on them 100% to determine the most accurate figures. Generally finance companies and banks charge set up fees, ongoing monthly fees, direct debit fees and other items which may influence the ultimate monthly payment.If you’d like to get an accurate quotation, please call me on 0418 748 498 and I’ll be happy to have one of our brokers get in touch with you.

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