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Brisbane Novated Car Leases

Car Business can give you professional advice on your new car and if you use one of our Brisbane car buyer’s agents we’ll make sure you save on your new car. But unless you have a suitable novated leasing package to go with it, you may be paying more in monthly repayments than you need to and not be saving as much as you should.

Lease Or Buy?

Should you lease or buy? Which is a better choice for you? If you can’t decide whether you should lease or buy your new car, you’re not alone. Deciding on the best financing option can be difficult, as whatever you decide to do, your lease agreement or car loan will be with you for a number of years.

A new car can be one of the more expensive purchases you will make, and regardless of whether you want to lease, finance or buy, the decision should be influenced by not only financial factors, but also your specific needs.

Novated Leasing

Leasing a car simply means that you ‘borrow’ a vehicle under a leasing agreement that allows you to use it to drive an average number of kilometres annually. Leased cars should always be covered by warranty and the latest models are usually available. Leasing will also allow you to upgrade your car every two or three years, which can be a drawcard.


Buying a car involves you purchasing your new car so that you own the vehicle outright. You can either make your purchase using car finance, which can be paid off in a period of up to seven years, or (for the lucky few) by paying for the new car outright.

Car Business is happy to offer free advice on all aspects of purchasing your new car – with no obligation!

If you are not sure which would be the best choice for you, please call into our Brisbane office and our Car Business car buying agents will be able to let you know the option they think would suit your situation best.