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Autogard brand has been in the automotive industry since 1973, making it the oldest aftermarket car care brand on the Australian market. It is this test of time through economic changes, technological advancement and industry shifts that make Autogard Australia’s most trusted brand in Aftermarket Car Care products straight from your dealer.

Our experience in the aftermarket industry is second to none, stemming from our directors who have held some of the highest management and board positions in industry leading associations and companies down to our Technicians that have been trained and qualified in all facets of aftermarket car care. It is this depth of knowledge and experience that makes Autogard stand out from the competition and it is the solid foundations for more than 40 years in the Automotive Industry that will give you peace of mind when purchasing your next vehicle or just getting a makeover.


Provides guaranteed protection against rust corrosion to all the metal surfaces of the vehicle – even the roof area – and includes surface rust as a result of minor scratches and stone chips/

Autoguard Electronic RustGuard provides customers with the peace of mind and a superior warranty cover Standards Complied.

Advanced technology, environmentally friendly 100% All-Over Protection



  • Protects all the areas of your vehicle against rust formation
  • Prevents against surface rust from minor scratches and stone chips
  • Enhances resale value
  • Once only fitment and
  • Lifetime Warranty

AutoGuard – We have stood the test of time. Pioneering and setting benchmark for automotive car care since 1973

The outside of a car – the paintwork – is where most instances of damage occur. The AutoGard Maintenance Pack has been designed to quickly eliminate most problems whilst maintaining an ‘As  New”’ look on your new car.

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 AutoGuard – We have stood the test of time. Pioneering and setting benchmark for automotive car care since 1973