Good news for Australian car buyers is that my company, Car Business trawls the overseas auto sites looking for vehicles that may arrive in Australia sooner rather than later.

Recently I exposed and commented on the 2017/2018 Jeep Wrangler revision and here now is the first spy shots of the Alfa Romeo SUV due to launch in the USA in 2018. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles have come to the realization that small medium and larger SUV’s are the hot commodity and seem to be launching new models every few months, or at least announcing them. Recently I’ve showed you the Compass/Patriot replacement (Called Compat?) the new Wrangler and now the all new Alfa Romeo Stelvio. Keep an eye out for more announcements in coming months.


“The Alfa Romeo Stelvio has been spied testing near the Nurburgring.

The upcoming SUV is still dressed in heavy camouflage, but there’s no mistaking that signature Alfa Romeo front end. Spy photographers have caught the prototype testing on public roads near the Nurburgring, but they expect it to do some laps on the track in the near future.

Now that the Alfa Romeo Giulia is in production, the Italian automaker is working hard on the Stelvio SUV in hopes of debuting it late this year or early next year. It was originally planned for an earlier debut but has been delayed.

It is expected that the powerplants used in the Giulia will make their way over to the Stelvio, so don’t be surprised to see a 505-horsepower model that uses the Ferrari-sourced twin-turbo V6 engine. The high-performance crossover and SUV segment is heating up with the likes of the Audi SQ5, BMW X3M and Mercedes-AMG GLC. It also wouldn’t be a surprise if Alfa Romeo has a goal to compete with Porsche’s crossovers and SUVs.

Expect the Alfa Romeo Stelvio to go on sale in the U.S. as a 2018 model”.


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